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    Requirements                       A. New Applicant

    1.       Lease Contract between the Lessor and the Lessee. If leased, attach Mayor's Permit registration of the building owner/landlord as a Real Estate Lessor. If owned, transfer Certificate of Title (TCT) or Tax Declaration (photocopy).

    2.       Business Name Registration with the Department of Trade and Industry (for sole proprietorship/Single Proprietorship)/Certificate of Registration from Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or Cooperative Development Authority (CDA).

    3.       Articles of Incorporation or Partnership (approved by S.E.C.)/ Article of Cooperation

    4.       Barangay Clearance (business located)

    5.       Market Clearance, if applicable

    6.       Real Property Tax Clearance

    7.       Locational Clearance

    8.       Special Power of Attorney with photocopy of ID of the authorized to transact and of the taxpayer/applicant

    9.       Requirements required by law such as:

    a.        Certificate of Exemption, if applicable;

    b.       Certificate of Good Standing and Good Status from Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) in the case of cooperatives

    c.        Certificate of Exemption, if applicable;

    d.       Certificate of Good Standing and Good Status from Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) in the case of cooperatives

    e.       Health & Sanitary Certificate

    f.         Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) Clearance (coconut lumber only)

    g.        Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Registration (establishments with trade names)

    h.       DENR Certification (sawmills, lumber retailers, quarry)

    i.         Insurance Commission Permit/Authority (insurance companies  only) or Authority to operate an insurance Branch from the main

    j.         Office (insurance branches only).

    k.        Central Bank Authority/Certification (banks & pawnshops only)

    l.         Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Authority (recruitment  agencies only) of Authority to  operate a recruitment

    m.      Branch from the main office (branch  recruitment agencies only).

    n.       Clearance from the Optical Media Board for videograms

    o.       BFAD license – for pharmacy / drugstore

    p.       POEA license – for employment agencies (overseas)                                                               

    q.       CHED permit- for Review Centers/Tertiary Learning Institutions

    r.        TESDA Permit – Vocational, technical and skills training centers

    s.        DepEd Permit – for Elementary and Secondary learning institutions

    t.         PNP permit – Security Agency (PSCUCIA National License

    u.       DOE License – Gasoline / LPG Dealers and retailers

    v.        DOH license – Hospital / Clinical Labs / rehabilitation Center/Clinics

    w.      DENR license – Mining Industry

    x.        Such other permit or clearances from regulatory agencies not enumerated herein but required by law.

    y.        Other pertinent information and data as may be required.

    10.    Copy of Occupancy Permit

    Duration: 2 hours and 15 minutes (under normal circumstances)

                  : 4 hours and 15 minutes (maximum extension of 2 hours for unusual circumstances)


     How to avail of the service:










    File – Submit requirements

    Check and validate attached requirements

    5 minutes

    Cynthia Rojo,

     Jenalyn Collados

    Edzen Saliling


    Application Form



    Backroom Activities: CEO,CPDO,CHO,BFP,CEEMdo and CENRO issues certification for approval or disapproval of application

    10 Minutes per Office

    CEO, CPDO,CHO,BFP,CEEMDO and CENRO Representatives





    Licensing personnel will encode profile into the BPLS System

    10 minutes

    Cynthia Rojo

    Jenalyn Collados

    Edzen Saliling


    Approved application form/tracking Slip



    Direct client to the City Treasurer’s Office for Assessment and payment






    Pay- Present Approved application form for assessment and payment

    Assess the business Tax due and permit fee and issue official receipt after payment of all financial obligations

    15 minutes

    City Treasurer’s Office


    Application Form/official Receipt/real property tax Clearance



    BFP will issue official receipt and certification

    15 minutes

    Bureau of Fire


    Fire Safety inspection Certificate/official receipt


    Claim-Submit duly approved application form with complete requirements back to the licensing Section and Claim approved Business permit with business plate and Sticker and sign the registry book

    Check and receive duly approved application form and all the requirements. Print business permit and forward to the City Mayor’s office for approval

    -issue Claim Stub

    25 minutes

    Meredith Dioso

    Jestoni Elnas

    Junas Balon

    Luz Hinampas


    Business Permit Form



    -released approved business permit and plate

    5 minutes

    Junas Balon

    Luz Hinampas


    Business Permit, Sticker and Plate


    Panabo City is Located along Daang Maharlika (Pan-Philippines Highway) and is situated between two major cities, Davao City and Tagum City.

    By LAND, you can reach Panabo City from Davao City via Davao-Butuan, Davao-Mati, and Davao –Tagum bus routes. Other public vehicles such jeepneys, vans and metered taxicabs are also available. It is 32 kilometers or approximately 45 minutes away from Davao City and 28 kilometers or 30 minutes away from Tagum City.

    By AIR, The Davao International Airport has numerous local and international airlinrs flying into Davao. From the airport, you can either take a metered cab, van or jeepney going to Panabo City or via Tagum City or Mati City.

    By SEA, Panabo City is accessible through the Sasa port of Davao City. From Davao City you can choose among the numerous public vehicles to bring you to Panabo City.


     Travel Information

    City Mayor's Office

    2F City hall, Nat'l H-way, JP Laurel, Panabo City

    Davao del Norte, Philippines

    Tel. No. (084) 628-5284 |822-2179



    City Tourism Office

    3F City hall, Nat'l H-way, JP Laurel, Panabo City

    Davao del Norte, Philippines

    Telefax No. (084) 822-7455 |822-0287



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