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    The City of Panabo is located between the two bustling cities of Tagum and Davao City. It is within 125° to 44” North and Longitude of 7°, 14” and 23” East. It is bounded on the North-West by Municipality of Carmen; on the West by Davao City. It is the doorstep of Davao City towards the Province of Davao del Norte. It could be reached by all types of land transportation passing through the Daang Maharlika (Pan-Philippines Highways) plying from Davao City to the northern part of Davao and finally to Butuan City and Cagayan de Oro City. From Davao City, It is 32 kilometers away with an estimated of 45 minutes travel time if no obstructions along the way like traffic and road repair.  While from Tagum City, it is 28 kilometers and approximately 30 minutes of travel time.

    Panabo City is Located along Daang Maharlika (Pan-Philippines Highway) and is situated between two major cities, Davao City and Tagum City.

    By LAND, you can reach Panabo City from Davao City via Davao-Butuan, Davao-Mati, and Davao –Tagum bus routes. Other public vehicles such jeepneys, vans and metered taxicabs are also available. It is 32 kilometers or approximately 45 minutes away from Davao City and 28 kilometers or 30 minutes away from Tagum City.

    By AIR, The Davao International Airport has numerous local and international airlinrs flying into Davao. From the airport, you can either take a metered cab, van or jeepney going to Panabo City or via Tagum City or Mati City.

    By SEA, Panabo City is accessible through the Sasa port of Davao City. From Davao City you can choose among the numerous public vehicles to bring you to Panabo City.


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    City Mayor's Office

    2F City hall, Nat'l H-way, JP Laurel, Panabo City

    Davao del Norte, Philippines

    Tel. No. (084) 628-5284 |822-2179



    City Tourism Office

    3F City hall, Nat'l H-way, JP Laurel, Panabo City

    Davao del Norte, Philippines

    Telefax No. (084) 822-7455 |822-0287



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