Let the battle of beauty begin‼️
Here’s an update of the Binibining Panabo 2020 Guidelines and Prizes!
1. Must be 18 to 22 years old. Candidates who are 17 years old are welcome to join the pageant, as long as she turns eighteen (18) in March 2020.
2. One (1) entry per Barangay.
3. Applicant must be at least 5’3 ft. in height;
4. Single, has never been married;
5. Must not be pregnant and has never been pregnant;
6. Atleast high school graduate;
7. Must be a Filipino Citizen and a resident of Panabo City atleast six (6) months prior to screening day.

B. REQUIREMENTS (Please provide one photocopy each)
1. Proof of citizenship (ie birth certificate, voter’s ID or passport);
2. Proof of residency (any valid I.D together with Barangay Certificate);
3. Medical certificate duly signed by the City Health Officer/Assistant City Health Officer.
4. Two (2) photographs- 3R Size, One (1) Close up and one (1) full body shot;
5. Parent’s Consent, if 17 years old;
6. Application Form (to be submitted to the Binibining Panabo 2020 Selection Board Committee during the Screening on February 01, 2020)
Note: Title holders of previous Binibining Panabo Pageants and Hiyas ng Binulig are not allowed. However, runners-up can still join as long as they are qualified.
For more information, visit the nearest Barangay Hall in your area or the City Mayor’s Office.
Please like and share Binibining Panabo 2020 Official Facebook Page.
*few typo errors on the photo. Thank you 😊

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