JULY 4, 2022


To the Honorable Vice Mayor Gregorio “Banjong” U. Dujali III, the members of the 9th City Council, Honorable Jumamil, Honorable Gentiles, Honorable Enad, Honorable Namuag, Honorable Dujali, Honorable Ang, Honorable Bangoy, Honorable Catalan, Honorable Macla, Honorable Ranain, Honorable Matutino, Honorable Ambasan, and Honorable Carisma, the executive department heads, guests, viewers online, and all the residents of Panabo City, good morning.

Today marks another start of our public service as we implement the mandates set to us by the Local Government Code. Yet we continue to serve the same people – the Panaboans. As your local chief executive, I will undertake to continue all of the worthy programs, projects, and activities that we have initiated for the past three (3) years. In this new term, I will endeavor to usher a bolder era of peace and prosperity for all Panaboans, as guided by the priorities of this government. Please allow me to present to you my priority plans and projects for the year 2022-2025.



  • Adopt an Information System Strategic Plan in the City Government for efficient transactions including the enhancement of ETRACS for digital payments;
  • Amend the organizational structure and staffing pattern including the creation of offices and sections to respond to the needs of the City and the Devolution Transition Plan;
  • Institutionalization of a dedicated medical assistance package for all LGU Panabo employees, which will also include barangay officials and functionaries; and
  • Ensure public access to information for transparency and accountability



  • Upgrading of all urban barangay access roads;
  • Completion of the Panabo City Market Complex;
  • Construction of a new integrated terminal and food terminal or Bagsakan;
  • Completion of the City’s drainage system;
  • Construction of the Panabo City Sports Complex;
  • Strengthen partnerships with telecommunications companies for the provision of internet connectivity in far-flung areas of the City; and
  • Additional installation and investment of renewable and alternative energy sources such as solar energy



  • Improvement of internet connectivity in schools;
  • Additional provision of ICT equipment for teachers and students;
  • Digitalization of the City Library;
  • Purchase of buses for school teachers; and
  • Increase funding for scientific research and development initiatives led by local academic institutions and researchers



  • Reclassification of Panabo from third-class to first-class component city;
  • Revision of the Local Revenue Code to optimize City revenues to fund development programs;
  • Ensure food security and sufficiency by providing assistance to farmers, fisher folks, and agricultural cooperatives thereby promoting their produce to the people; and
  • Operationalization of LGU-operated tourism sites



  • Upgrading of the emergency clinic to a DOH-accredited healthcare institution;
  • Ensure access to quality and essential health care services and access to safe, effective, quality, and affordable essential vaccines for all through the establishment of the Panabo City Infirmary Hospital;
  • Revision of the City Gender and Development Code to eliminate all forms of violence against all women and girls in both public and private spheres;
  • Ensure women’s full and effective participation and equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of decision-making; and
  • Construction of a center for the differently-abled persons.


The plans I have laid down are lofty, as the people of Panabo deserve nothing but the best. With our collective effort and the help of our stakeholders, we can achieve feats never before seen in our City’s history.


I address the 9th City Council with high hopes. Let us work side-by-side for the common good of the Panaboans. After all, it is my belief that a united local government spurs peace and development. To all LGU officials and employees, let us make this City the agri-industrial hub we envision it to be.


Mga higala, atong ipadayon ang kalambuan na nasugdan. Ako ang inyong mayor na padayong nagatuo nga, “Service to Panaboans, Service to God!”


Daghang salamat.

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