MAYOR JOSE E.RELAMPAGOS issues operational capacity for restaurants and food establishments:

Take out and Delivery – 100% of the seating capacity/venue
Outdoor dine-in services (al fresco) – 50%
Indoor dine-in services – 10%

The operations of restaurants and food establishment and Personal Care Services are subject to the following conditions (annex B, DTI MC 21-15):
a. Face masks and face shields shall be worn at all times within the premises of the establishment.
b. Employees and customers are required to scan the DCCTS QR Code and/or StaySafe PH QR Code posted at the entrance for the contact tracing purposes.
In the absence of smartphones, they shall fill out an employee health declaration form or costumer contact tracing form upon entry.
c. Thermal scanning of all employees, suppliers, customers prior to entry. Persons with a temperature higher than 37.5 degrees centigrade shall not be allowed to enter.
d. No employee with COVID-19 symptoms or exposure to COVID-19 patients shall be allowed to work.
e. Rubbing alcohol/sanitizers, which can be easily be sprayed on the hands of employees, suppliers and customers prior entry, must be provided. Hands of employees and customers must be sanitized at regular intervals.
f. Physical distancing measures shall be strictly observed in all parts of the establishment (queuing areas, cashier counter, beverage bar, Kitchen).
g. Chairs and tables must be arranged to conform with the allowed on-site capacity.
h. Ventilation of establishments shall be in accordance with DOLE DO No. 224, S. 2021 (Guidelines on ventilation for workplaces and public transport to prevent and control the spread of COVID-19).
i. Ambient music in restaurants and fast food chain shall be kept in minimum to discourage loud talking, which increases the likelihood of droplet transmission.
j. Equipment in kitchen, food preparation, and serving areas shall be frequently sanitized.
k. Restrooms shall be properly sanitized and free of accumulation of trash.

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