JUST IN| Sulod sa liderato ni Governor Anthony Del Rosario abri na ang kinaunhang Regional Sports Academy dinhia sa Mindanao sa pakig-alayon sa Department of Education.
Alang sa mga INCOMING GRADE 7 STUDENT ATHLETES ania ang mga Admission requirements:
1. have potential/ skills in more than one of the school sports offered;

2. have participated in sports competitions, as attested by the elementary school principal;
3. pass the Physical Fitness Test;
4. Submit the following documents, to wit:
a. Form 138 (With and approaching proficiency in P.E. and Developing Level in any subject)
b. Medical Certificate administered by a government Physician
c. Parental consent stating that the student may undergo rigid training in specialized Sports; and
d. Certificate of Good Moral Character certified by the Elementary School Principal.
PHYSICAL EVALUATION OF THE APPLICANTS WILL BE ON MAY 28, 2019 at the Davao del Norte Sports and Tourism Complex.

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