A. Guidelines
1. All entries should have a minimum of ten (10) and maximum of sixteen (16) members.
2. All members of the entries should be at least thirteen (13) years old and above.
3. There will be 2 categories: Local category – residents of Panabo City; Open Category – outside of Panabo.
Note: A dancer/ dance crew may join one category only.
4. All members of the crew should submit the following:
a. Application letter (Stating the intent to participate on the said competition);
b. Fully Accomplished Application Form;
c. Waiver/ Release of Liability Form
You can also send the application letter/ letter request to participate through email at
Note: Once we receive the application letter through email, we will immediately send you the Application forms and waivers to fill out. For competing entries inside Panabo City, you must visit the City Mayor’s office in order to get the application forms and the waiver forms.
5. Deadline of Submission of Entries and requirements will be on or before February 7, 2020 at 5pm. The first ten (10) qualified entries only will be allowed to join the competition. Thus, sending the entry is on first come, first serve basis.
6. The official entries shall be provided by the organizers with a schedule of activities.
7. Participants will be given opportunity to block their routine on stage at 1pm before the day of the competition. Those who are absent/late for their designated blocking time will not be allowed to block on stage at a later time.
8. A panel of judges shall determine the winners based on the foregoing criteria. Any violation of the foregoing rules may cause 3 points deduction per violation on the final score. The decision of the panel shall be final and irrevocable.
9. Performance order will be determined by the management via drawing of lots.
B. Mechanics
1. Performance & Stage Rules
a. The duration of the dance should be a minimum of 3 minutes, and a maximum of 5 minutes.
b. Any kind of hip hop dance is allowed (locking, popping, krump, house, stepping, breakdance, wacking, tutting, vogueing, party dances, hiphop choreography) or any kind of dance with hip hop as their focal thought of choreography, provided that the choreographers of the group have the proper knowledge or background to execute it properly.
c. No vulgarity, obscenity, and explicit contents are allowed.
2. Costumes and Props
a. Costumes must be decent.
b. All costume malfunction resulting team members being exposed are grounds for deductions. Please make sure to have dress rehearsals prior to competition to work out any costume problems
c. Props that are not considered as an integral part of a crew’s attire are prohibited (ex. canes, chairs, tambourines, musical instruments).
d. Attire may include accessories such as hats, scarves, caps, gloves, jewelries, etc. Removing pieces of clothing during the performance is permitted provided it is not offensive or out of character.
e. Body/face oils or paints/other substances applied to the body or clothing that may affect the clean dry surface of the stage and the safeties of fellow competitors are prohibited.
3. Music Requirements
a. The music used in the routine must be a minimum of 3 minutes and a maximum of 5 minutes.
b. Participants’ competition music must be submitted through email at with the group name.
c. There is no maximum or minimum number of songs/recordings that may be used in the routine, and may be edited to enhance choreography and personal performance.
d. The competition music must not contain inappropriate, lewd, or offensive language.
C. Inevitable Circumstances
a. These are occurrences beyond the control of the crew that affects their ability to perform at the beginning or any time in a routine. An extraordinary circumstance is not limited to the following: (1) Incorrect music is played or cued; (2) Music problems due to equipment malfunction; (3) Disturbances caused by general equipment failure;
b. In case the routine is stopped by an extraordinary circumstance, the management and/or judges will review the situation, and upon confirming a decision and correcting the problem, the crew will be re-introduced, and will be allowed to re-start their routine.
5. Medical Attention
a. It is the responsibility of the group members, manager, or choreographer to report a group member’s injury or illness to the management.
b. If at any time, prior to or during competition, a group member becomes ill or injured, or his/her physical or emotional condition is at risk by participating, he/she may be declared ineligible to compete, and may be disqualified from the competition. The management reserves the right to withdraw any competitor who appears to have such serious disability or injury or needs medical attention.
c. The management reserves the right to request the submission of a physician’s written authorization for a group member that is deemed medically or emotionally at risk by the event organizers, to compete.
a. Choreography
(Creativity, Variety of Dance Styles & Difficulty)
– 40%
b. Performance
(Musicality, Group Execution, Synchronization & Spacing) – 40%
Overall Effect
(Showmanship, Intensity, Projection, & Attire)
– 20%
TOTAL: 100%

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