READ | National Tennis Players compete in the 3rd Mayor James G. Gamao Cup Tennis Championship 2019

PANABO CITY – April 24, 2019, the 3rd Mayor James G. Gamao Cup National Invitational Tennis Championship 2019 which took place at Panabo City Sports Complex has officially started.

Mayor Gamao, in coordination with City Engineer Glenn Olandria, organized the event to promote Panabo for sports enthusiasts.

Explaining how few the tennis players are in the city, Olandria encouraged the public to engage in tennis.

“This game is not common to all, probably out of 100 people there’s only one who can play… we have to invite national players to serve as inspiration to the locals,” he said.

This championship was participated by sixteen (16) delegates coming from different parts of the country, with eight (8) men and eight (8) women playing in different categories. One of the participants of the event is Anna Clarice Patrimonio, a 25-year- old star player, 3rd in the rank of the best tennis players in the Philippines.

“The place is quite hot and we need to adjust because we only play indoor in Manila but overall the venue is comfortable and it is a good thing to have a tennis court here for interested players,” Patrimonio said.

Moreover, Engr. Olandria emphasized that this event won’t be possible without the support of the City Officials, especially Mayor James G. Gamao and Vice Mayor Janrey Gavina, together with the sponsors of the said event.

The competition will last for four (4) days from April 24 to 27, 2019.

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